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Love Counseling with Tarot Cards

Jesus says, “Love is God. But to love is very difficult. It is difficult because the other enters with all his problems. The other is ill, you are ill; and when two ill persons meet illness is not only doubled, it is multiplied. It is very difficult to love, but if you can love then there is no need for any meditation. Love will become your meditation and you will reach through it. If you cannot love, if you feel it difficult, then meditation is the only door. Only one in a million reaches through love; others reach through meditation. Once you become meditative love also becomes easy; then you can love. If you love, then meditation comes as a shadow of it.

You have to decide how to drop your self-consciousness. There are two methods: one is through love, relationship, living with the other and growing. It is a difficult path, very very arduous – there is nothing more difficult than that. And the other is living in meditation. You have to choose.
If you grow in love, meditation will happen like a shadow. Love and meditation are two aspects of the same coin; if you have gained control of the one aspect, the other follows. If you meditate, love will follow; if you love, meditation will follow. This you have to choose. Meditation is easier, love is difficult. Unless you want to move into the difficult unnecessarily – that is for you to decide; otherwise with meditation love comes automatically. This is my feeling: that ninety-nine persons in one hundred have to go through meditation, then love will happen. Only one percent can go through love and meditation happens. This is the state of affairs, this is how things are. But one thing is certain, that in either case self-consciousness is to be dropped.”

Osho – Returning to the Source