Learn Tarot Reading

Learn to read Tarot Cards from Siddhartha

Learn Tarot from Siddhartha

Tarot Cards are a tool for understanding ourselves and connecting to a great universal wisdom. Tarot images are symbolic and come from ancient symbols, archetypes, dreams & myths to articulate the sub-conscious and even the unconscious.

Now learn the Art of Tarot Reading from Siddhartha, in just 8 classes you will be on your way of reading cards on your own. The course includes –

1. Set of Tarot Cards
2. Reference book
3. Learning about the Major Arcana and Minor Arcana
4. Learning about spreads
5. Expert instructions on revealing answers to your queries and problems
6. Upright and Reversed card reading
7. Development of your intuitive powers
8. Learning meditation to enhance your creativity and wisdom

Classes can be taken in two ways, either online through Skype or at Siddhartha’s residence. The cost of the complete course is Rs.16000/- (USD price: $325).

Pay HERE to enroll for the course.

For more info, call Siddhartha on +91 98102 93747 OR send him an email at siddhartha@artandtarot.com

Reading Tarot Cards