What is Tarot?

Tarot Card Deck

What is Tarot?

One of the ancient wisdom systems is Tarot. I Ching uses sticks; Astrology looks into the stars; Numerology involves numbers; Palmistry takes into account the lines of the palms; Tarot is based on intuition. It speaks in the form of images to access the divine, the greater force.

Tarot is the art of gaining deeper insights in our lives. The Egyptian Tarot, the original methodology, uses the 78 Cards of the Tarot Deck. The cards create a story for you; the story of your life, encompassing the past, present and the future. What really distinguishes this system of Tarot is the fact that it is based on the ancient knowledge of the scriptures. It draws on the rich heritage of myths and archetypes. The ancients were deeply connected their instincts and with nature. They used the immense power of nature on a daily basis. They looked for signs and omens in the way the birds flew and the wind blew. They also read the body of the person to cure them of negativity or disease and sought aid of divine energy. So there was a feeling of surrender and oneness with the energy of the world and it made them more receptive to the wisdom of existence.

Tarot Cards are a tool for understanding ourselves and connecting to a great universal wisdom. Tarot images are symbolic and come from ancient symbols, archetypes, dreams & myths to articulate the sub-conscious and even the unconscious.

Many people wonder how a deck of cards can tell us anything but as we study the cards we realize that they go way beyond the pictures that we see. As we use the cards we gain a greater understanding of ourselves and the world around us. We can see the cards as a journey that each of us must take and complete to master the lessons we are here to learn.