“Tarot is the art of gaining deeper insights in our lives. Tarot Cards are a tool for understanding ourselves and connecting to a great universal wisdom. Tarot images are symbolic and come from ancient symbols, archetypes, dreams & myths to articulate the sub-conscious and even the unconscious.”
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Siddhartha & Tarot

Siddhartha has been reading Tarot Cards for over five years and hundreds of people have had interactive sessions with him. He brings to the millennia-old system of Tarot reading a thoroughly modern and radical approach. Through his gift of attuning with one’s true self through the medium of his cards, he has helped individuals in resolving their issues involving love, relationships and career. Among other things his unique ability lies in placing our so-called problems in a holistic framework, thus giving a refreshingly new perspective on them. Through this website you can also have this opportunity to have a reading from him, choose the best option which suits you and ask your question.

Tarot Readings

You can get a Tarot Reading from Siddhartha via email, Skype or in a one-on-one session. These readings are for individuals only, and not for groups.

For groups, you can schedule a minimum three hour session.

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