Some Lines, Some Statements

Beyond the sky

Some lines, some statements

Some lines, some statements cannot be ignored, while you are reading a book or listening to something… some words… some lines catch your attention… it becomes impossible to escape or ignore those words. What I feel is that your consciousness has known what needs to be known, the software is already installed but it is never used… man doesn’t remember how to use it… so he just need to be reminded… it’s just like children’s color book, the images are in black and white and spaces are left so that the child can fill color in it. Slowly as the consciousness grows in man, the black and white picture starts turning into color picture… it start becoming alive.

It is as if like every stone is alive inside… there are beautiful sculptures of stones, the consciousness just need to touch those stones and they will become alive, vibration of life will enter in them. So knowingly is enough… once you know… you are…. you become… you are there… you are that. And this is what Master’s work is, to reveal you yourself of your own nature, your own truth.
So these statements, these words are nothing but a reminder of truth in you…..

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