Sitting In You


Sitting In You


Obstacles can be transformed into spiritual growth
Poison can be transformed into nectar
Evil can be transformed into virtues
Distraction can be counted into devotion on the path.

People around can remind you of yourself
Of your ego
Of your mistakes
Of your childish nature

As Osho says where will you run?
Where will you go?
Wherever you will go there will be you
& you is the problem,

You is the obstacle
So be in this you… completely.
Without running… without doing… by being
By watchingby waking up from sleep.

As Milarepa says mukti is hidden in samsara
The evils brings chances of more growth
Those distracting, illusionary and confusing thoughts
Make me remind of myself…

Of this samsara, of this big play.
They make me more accomplish yogi.
As Gorakh says Die O Yogi Die
Die do completely that death becomes the amrit

Die here and now…wherever you are… you can die….
This is the promise of Gorakh.

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