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Siddhartha Yoga

Yoga is the cessation of mind.

This is the definition of Yoga, the best. Yoga has been defined in many ways; there are many definitions. Some say Yoga is the meeting of the mind with the divine; hence, it is called Yoga – Yoga means meeting, joining together. Some say that Yoga means dropping the ego, ego is the barrier: the moment you drop the ego you are joined to the divine. You were already joined; only because of the ego it appeared that you were not joined. And there are many definitions, but Patanjali’s is the most scientific. He says, “Yoga is the cessation of mind”.
Yoga is the state of no-mind. The word mind covers all – your egos, your desires, your hopes, your philosophies, your religions, your scriptures. “Mind” covers all. Whatsoever you can think is mind. All that is known, all that can be known, all that is knowable, is within mind. Cessation of the mind means cessation of the known, cessation of the knowable. It is a jump into the unknown. When there is no-mind you are in the unknown. Yoga is a jump into the unknown. It will not be right to say “unknown”; rather, “unknowable”.

OSHO – “The Path of Yoga”

Now learn the ancient science of Patanjali’s Yoga from Siddhartha. Yoga not only brings health to your life but also with its regular practice with awareness, it makes your mind sharp and clear.

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