O Beautiful Yogi

Jesus in Himalayas

O Beautiful Yogi

O Beautiful Yogi
O Mirdad
You inspire, you teach
You love, you care
You give, you compassion

O Milarepa
Gone beyond the mind
Gone beyond the world
Gone beyond the desire
I grow in your presence

O love! O Osho!
Master of masters
The ocean of bliss
You radiate our potential
You teach the child walk
You give the bird wings
You push the seed to be a tree
You teach the man to be the master

Countless are the gifts
So little is the time
So much to explore
So much to love
Gratitude O my master!

They say that Guru’s work cannot be paid back
Now I understand how
Now I understand why
Guru gives you That
To be That
To live That
To experience That

O beautiful Yogi
I surrender
I bow down
To the miracle of the Master
To his love
Obeisance to the Guru

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