Meditation – The Art of Sitting


Meditation - The Art of Sitting

Sitting here – doing nothing – a feeling of abundance is there
I feel strongly that one has to do nothing –
He is around you –
Things are happening for you –
Everything is been taken care of –
He says you just need to be relaxed in your attitude –
And everything will be fine.

There is a small Gurudwara in Paharganj area, only few people visit there, that’s the beauty of it so there is less sound and trouble. Meditation happens instantly as soon as we enter in that space… some kind of energy comes and covers you like a blanket and suddenly all of your energy which was going out suddenly starts going inwards. And then there is no track of time you just float in that space…you become so light and the Rasa starts happening inside you.

Meditation makes you realize that you are a king, a king whether he has nothing but his abundance will remain untouched.

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