“Cheravate, Cheravate”

Nowhere to go but in

Cheravate Cheravate

Buddha Says “Cheravate Cheravate”… Keep On Walking Dont Stop…

I will be wasting my time if I wait for tomorrow – you can regret – you can cry but there will be no use. The real intelligence says start walking the moment you stop – start walking. A spiritual seeker should not be dependent on the outer circumstances and situation – he should be ready hear and now to start walking.
So it all depends upon us how much time we want to waste – this the game which mind plays – break this pattern of mind – if you have stopped now don’t find excuses that you cant walk now.
No stand up and start walking – in this way you are going beyond mind…
And this is what the master Osho says that “Man has only one moment with him, he doesn’t get another moment whenever he get only one moment comes to him, just worry about this very moment and the second moment will take care of itself.”

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