“These paintings have been inspired from my life and my Master. Each and every painting is dedicated to the words of my Master. The Master has talked about innumerable experiences that a seeker goes through during sadhna. My art is just an expression of the Master speaking through me, using this body and mind.”

Siddhartha’s art manifests itself through the space of meditation. It revels in the dynamic colours of life through a vivid palette.  The diverse motifs of the paintings range from the visionary and the sublime, to the common-place. They are inspired by music, meditation, dynamic movement, throbbing stillness and the transmutation of forms.

However, a common thread of celebration runs through all of them. The non-stylistic aspect of the works is reflective of a percipient eye. One finds in it glimpses of the connectedness of existence. There is the yearning of the soul to find a form for the formless and yet keep it open for a higher awareness. The works are imbued with a curious mix of intensity and playfulness.

The paintings are available in different sizes and are beautifully framed.