Art & Tarot App

Art & Tarot App

*Great News!!* The Art & Tarot Wisdom iPhone/iPad app is now available on the iTunes store.

Use these Art & Tarot Paintings to reveal a special message or a story, which can give you a direction in your life and answer your Questions.

The deck consists of 74 beautiful paintings, each painting carrying a special wisdom, some situation, some story or a saint, which comes exactly at the time when you need them. Each and every message of the Painting comes from the Zen Master Osho. Each painting is represented by a specific story or character chosen from different religious symbols from all over the world and a message of meditation and love on it. Siddhartha, a seeker on the Path painted these paintings, explains to us how these wisdom seeds can be used by any seeker from any faith.

With this “Art & Tarot Wisdom” Paintings app you can:
1. Get a spiritual message or a story anytime, anywhere on your iPhone, iPod or iPad Touch.
2. Get the reading of Cards in a Random or Gallery view.
3. Save the paintings in your device and use as Wallpaper.
4. Tweet, Facebook or Email your friends about your readings.
5. Touch the Painting to know the meaning of each painting.
6. Review the entire deck of cards in Browse mode.
7. Read the Siddhartha’s blog about his spiritual journey and experiences on the path.
8. Ask 1 Free Question to Siddhartha when you buy this App.
9. Constant updating of Blog and new Paintings with messages.


Here are some images from the app: